456 Delaware St

Major restorative work was required to complete 456 Delaware St

This house was brought to us by Well House. This project was a complete exterior remodel of a vacant home. It needed quite a bit of hard work and commitment to get it to the working condition it is in today. We were able to utilize the various skills and trades of our contractors in our network to complete 456 Delaware. The home will soon be occupied by a family in need, thanks to Well House and their work with the homeless community.

Work Completed:

  • Removed and repaired asbestos infested siding and painted the finished surface area with 3 color pallet changes.- Dina & Sons Lawn Care Handyman Services LLC
  • Removed fire damaged window frames and rebuilt completely and installed new window molding.- Big City Concrete
  • Removed existing columns due to dry-rot. Furnished and installed new load bearing columns.- Gary Gipson and Big City Concrete
  • Removed existing porch and replaced with new porch structure. Stripped, sealed, and painted new railing and balcony. Exhaust fan installation in upstairs bathroom and installed window in downstairs bathroom.- R.P.M, Inc.